I love Batch Cooking!


I love batch cooking!

I love the fact that when I come home from a long day at work and I do not feel like cooking and I don’t want to get some GMO’s from the fast food restaurant I can pull a meal out of my freezer, this is my convenience food.

Batch cooking has been around for a very long time, it saves time, it is convenient, it saves on the energy bill and it is easy pezzy to do. Ya, gonna love it too.

Basically batch cooking is making large quantities’ of an item like spaghetti sauce, chili, soups, enchiladas, roast, ribs and many other dishes. As an example put a good size roast in the crock pot and let it simmer away all day while you do something else. You have diner ready when you are, but you can portion up the rest into a number of future meals that are waiting for you in the freezer. And don’t think you have to eat it the same way. Take out a serving and chip it up place in a pan with some gravy let it simmer for a few minutes and ladle over toast and some fries or a baked potato and you have dinner in a hurry. You can also bake a large ham or turkey, cut some large slices off for ham steak, some for salad or omelets and fried rice. You can make up meatloaf too, I do and freeze in a deep dish muffin pan and then freeze. When I want meatloaf I take one out and pop it into the oven and I have just the right size for one. I do this for veggies, cake and cobbles too.

So, you get the idea. This is a good rainy day project lol I might have spaghetti sauce, chili and chicken with dumplings going all at the same time. I love having my freezer full of convenience foods.

Here is a little tip: bag the food in a freezer bag and lay the bags on a cookie sheet to freeze till firm then put into the foodsaver bags and vacuum. This will make your life so much easier than trying to vacuum a bag of liquid. Just don’t forget to open the interior bag so the air can get sucked out for a tight seal and then label. Everything looks different in the freezer.

I think batch cooking is an awesome way for singles to have home cooked meals while saving time, money and energy.

Do you batch cook or have a different method? Tell me in the comments.