FoodSaver Machines

If you have a freezer and buy in bulk then you might want to plan on purchasing one of these handy machines. They come in very handy for pantry food, freezer foods and other items that you would want an air tight or waterproof seal on. For example if you live in an area that is prone to flooding or hurricanes and you have extra medicine or a flash drive of important documents you can vacuum these for safety .

They range in size and price that varies by store and style and brand.

Best Reviews list the top 5 on the market below is # 1 and # 5 pricing is from Amazon

This is the Food Saver V3240 and it comes with a starter kit for $119.96 and it’s #1

Food Saver 1

This is the Seal A Meal Manual #5 $36.99

2 Food Saver

If you are considering buying make sure you get one that has a jar attachment to seal jars.