Deer Meat Stew

Hunting season will be opening very soon in many areas and the excitement is in the air, I am sure most are dreaming that at least a 8 or 10 point buck will happen by there deer blind.

I wish all a safe and good hunt.

This is an easy recipe for venison stew, enjoy! Stew

2 Lb. Cubed Deer Meat                                1/4 Cup All Purpose Flour

1/4 Cup Cooking Oil                                     4 Carrots, sliced

6 med, Potatoes, diced                               Water 

Salt & Pepper to taste

Place cooking oil into 5-quart cooking pot and heat on medium.  Coat cubed deer meat with flour well .  Place floured meat in oil and brown.  Add carrots and potatoes.  Add enough water to cover meat and vegetables.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Turn heat to low and let simmer until done, approximately 2 hours.

You can thicken this by adding a tablespoonful of flour mixed in about 1/4 cup water during the first hour of cooking



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