DYI ~Bug Spray

Bug Spray

Zika is now running ramped and we all need to protect ourselves. Many of us love to sit out in the evening and maybe grill dinner or get together with friends. But I don’t know anyone that likes to be eaten by mosquitoes, flies or any other bug for that matter. Most all of the sprays and lotions on the market have all sorts of chemicals in them, some  we can’t even pronounce. If you look up the ingredients I promise you, you will be surprised!

So, give this natural quick and easy spray a try. It only has 3 ingredients but packs a punch.

Mix these essential oils: 12 drops Lavender

12 drops of Tee Tree

With                                    8 Tsp. of Witch Hazel

Shake gently spray on arms and legs.

Other essential oils that mosquitoes and other critters hate are:

Citronella, Mint, Lemon Balm and Sage.

Do not put any essential oil directly on your skin, they any a carrier oil. Also to be safe I would recommend you do a test, place a little on the wrist first. Some people may be sensitive so like with any new drug, lotion or product it’s best to test first.

Also, please be sure to purchase true essential oil and not fragrance oils there is big difference. Essential oils always come in dark brown bottles and will have the common name as well as the proper name on the bottle. You can find them at most health food store or natural markets.

Stay safe and let me know how you like the spray!

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