The Importance of Backing up



The importance of Backing up documentsCloud                     Flash drive


In all the preparedness that we do to try and be ready for any type of emergency or natural disaster, such as hurricanes, flooding, fire, civil unrest or any other situation that might cause us to have to leave our home in a matter of minutes. It is important to have family pictures, insurance policies for your home, cars, and boats. A picture of electronics, quads, 4 wheelers bikes along with recorded model and serial numbers to go with each are a huge help if the item is lost stolen or destroyed.

Also, I would include a copy of social security cards, birth certificates, debit cards, credit cards, medical cards and a list of illness, allergies, medications and doctors and pharmacy information for each family member. Naturally these would have to be kept in a safe place,

There are a few ways today to securely have all the information at your fingertips. Such as the Cloud, flash drives / thumb drive some still write to a CD or make copies of everything and give to a trusted family member. You can also back everything up in more than one way. I personally like a flash drive. They hold an enormous amount of information they are small. They can be tucked in a go bag or placed in a fire proof water proof safe.

Most people think it will never happen to me, but it can and does happen and usually when we least expect it. You may not have time to run around your home and grab pictures off the walls photo albums from the shelf and files from the filing cabinet when in a life or death moment.

Preparing and backing up now while you can organize your thoughts and customize all the documents on drives or in the cloud will give you time to add anything you might have forgotten or as they come to mind.

Hopefully we can all learn from the people that have gone thru fires like California or Hurricanes in Louisiana and tornadoes in the mid-west.

Be safe and God Bless

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