Right to Die? Right or Wrong?


California has now opened it’s first clinic since becoming a right to die state. For the tidy sum of $2,000 you can now terminate your life. Doctor Lonny Shavelson is head of Bay Area End of Life Options. Dr. Shavelson left medicine two years ago to complete a documentary on gender fluidity, but has now reentered medicine since the right to law was passed.

Dr. Shavelson charges $200 for an initial evaluation and $1,800 for other fees. In addition to the fees a patient must be terminally ill and have less than 6 months to live. Two doctors have to sign off on the terminal prognosis according to the law. The patient must reiterate their willingness to die on two separate occasions at least 15 days apart and be capable of ingesting the drugs own their own.

California is not the first state to become a right to die state Oregano enacted its law in 19198 with nearly 1,000 patients ending their life. Dr. Shavelson states that he hopes not to have any patients, however he noted that there is or was an underground network to end one’s life so it is good to get it above ground.

Now I know that many will say that it is a personal choice and everyone must decide for themselves. And only if you are terminally ill or have a family member that is terminal that you would understand to stop the suffering and pain. But I cannot agree. My Christian values and beliefs my own moral standards would not allow or tolerate this practice. I do not believe that anyone has the right to end a life whether it be your own or someone else’s. I do understand how hard it is to watch a love one suffer incredible pain, I have witnessed it personally. I can tell you that you reach a point when dealing with cancer or Alzheimer’s that you pray to Jesus to please send his angles to take your love one home. It is not an easy thing to experience but neither is watching life dwindle away. I believe only God has this right.

This is the link for the story in The Washington Times Click here



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