Surprising Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth


The many benefits of Diatomaceous Earth otherwise known as DE, who would      have known? I had heard of De and even used at one time for a flea infestation but I truly did not know of all the other benefits. Recently I was speaking to someone about bedbugs and she told me her brother had given her DE (food grade) to spread in her apartment in case she had brought any home from a friend’s apartment she had visited. In the conversation she said that he also takes it by mouth him and his wife every day and just swears by it, I said why she because he said it makes him feel good. Well being the curious person that I am I naturally had find out more.

There are two types of DE the FOOD GRADE and the NON FOOD GRADE. (Please excuse the all caps but this is very important) De is a natural mineral found in the western United States. Most all of the DE that is food grade meaning it is for human consumption meet FDA standards. Not to say all suppliers are the same by any means. DE is made of silica an important component in human ligaments, cartilage and musculature. This makes DE one of the least expensive and versatile health products on the market.

There are over 100 different ways to use this amazing natural product and after researching I now own a 40 lb. bag of my own. Am I sold or what.

Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  1. Detox – does not require changing diet or lifestyle. As it passes through your system it absorbs harmful toxins.
  2. Reduces cholesterol and cleans the colon
  3. Healthier hair and nails. Many claim it stops hair loss and benefit hair growth
  4. Healthier cleaner skin
  5. Healthy Metabolism, increased in energy and better sleep.
  6. Regular bowl movements
  7. Natural flee tick and other parasites for domestic and farm animals of all kinds.
  8. Use in the kitty litter pan to control odors and in trash cans
  9. Use to rid home and yard of ants, flees, bedbugs and other rodents.
  10. You can even make a natural toothpaste

How to take: One teaspoon in water morning and evening. Or sprinkle on food. Use in smoothies or can be put in fruit juice it’s versatile.

For more information on this amazing natural mined product please see

Please let me know if you use this and how it has helped you, many people seems to swear by it.


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