Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

One of the many very viable threats we face in today’s world, are we prepared to face the challenges that would lie ahead if we were to be hit by an EMP, simply NO. If you ask the local police or local fire inspector as I have done they will tell you point blank that it is a very real threat and they are concerned but no preparations have been done all the way up the chain to the national level or our government.

What is EMP?                          One Second After

Explained by William Forstchen, of One Second After, New York Times Bestseller    

EMP is shorthand for Electro Magnetic Pulse.   It is a rather unusual and frightening by-product when a nuclear bomb is detonated above the earth’s atmosphere.  We all know that our atmosphere and the magnetic field which surrounds our planet is a thin layer which not only keeps us alive, but also protects us from dangerous radiation from the sun.   On a fairly regular basis there are huge solar storms on the sun’s surface which emit powerful jets of deadly radiation.  If not for the protective layer of our atmosphere and magnetic field, those storms would fry us. At times though, the storm is so powerful that enough disruptive energy reaches the earth’s surface that it drowns out radio waves and even shorts out electrical power grids. This happened several years back in Canada.

View the detonation of a nuclear bomb, two hundred miles straight up as the same thing, but infinitely more powerful since it is so close by.  As the bomb explodes, it emits a powerful wave of gamma rays.  As this energy release hits the upper atmosphere it creates a electrical disturbance know as the Compton Effect.  The intensity is magnified.  View it as a small pebble rolling down a slope, hitting a larger one, setting that in motion, until finally you have an avalanche.

At the speed of light this disturbance races to the earth surface.  It is not something you can see or hear, in the same way you don’t feel the electrical disturbance in the atmosphere during a large solar storm.

For all electrical systems though, it is deadly.

This is the problem we now have far too many enemies, these enemies like North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. With the uncertainty of N Korea testing missiles we now know for sure he has. Whether intentionally or not it only takes one miss guided missile to take down our fragile grid system. If that were not bad enough we now know that it is possible that with one key stroke on a computer can take it down as well.

See this link form CNN Money

Please pause for just a minute, now think about all the ways you use electricity. Air conditioning, lights, hot water, cell phones, laptops, putting gar in the car the list is almost endless. We have become so use to the conventicles we have we can barely make it a few hours if we have a power outage. Imation if they were out for a year, yes I said a year or more. You see, if we were hit and our grid went down all of it, it is not and overnight fix or a couple days. The large transformers are custom made and weigh thousands of pounds, they are made overseas and take a year or better to build then they must be transported and installed. All electrical lines would most likely be fried so all of them would have to be replaced and who is going to do this? Most will be home taking care of their own families.

How prepared are you? Could you live with what you have on hand right now and survive for a year or longer? Most Americans these days only have maybe three days’ worth of food in their homes at a time. Remember the Red Cross, FEMA, police, fire, ambulance or anyone else will be coming to help you, maybe a friend or family member if they can get to you, You see most vehicles will stop running where they are or will be stuck in traffic on the highways dead. Don’t bother trying to go to the grocery either without power they will be closing, because the backup generators will be fried by the EMP. So, everyone will be walking or riding a bike if they have one to get to where they need to go.

How will you know if we have had an EMP? These are the steps I would take if the lights go out I will check my cell phone if that is out as well I will then try my car to see if it will crank if it doesn’t then chances are we have been hit. Time to take action!

How do you prepare for such a catastrophic event? Find out how

Please prepare now as much as possible and I pray we never have to endure an event like this, unfortunately it is very likely my friends.


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