DYI Dryer Sheets Tin Foil Anyone

I saw this hack on   Pinterest one day and like many of the hacks I have seen I wondered if it would really work?  Well I had the opportunity to find out one day when I washing and realized I had forgotten to put dryer sheets on my grocery list, yep have to have a list or I come back with more of what I thought I needed and almost none of what I did need

 Sound familiar?  

Foil Ball.jpg

I remembered the tin foil hack – off to the kitchen I went got myself a sheet of tin foil and wadded it up in a tight little ball about 2-3 ” in diameter then tossed it in the dryer. To my surprise it worked great, for at least 3 months now I have been using the same little ball of tin foil. So, if you are trying to get away from chemicals, save money or you are just in a pinch like I was give it a try. I haven’t  looked back~ I like the little ball of foil lol

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