Do you have a “Squirrel Tail” like I did?

If you have one you know exactly what I am talking about. For those that aren’t sure I’ll explain. A Squirrel Tail is when your hair is so dry, brittle and damaged like mine from coloring, chorine in the water and using flat and curling irons. Not a pretty sight let me tell you.

So recently I was at an event and my friend Libby was attending she is a former salon stylist and she said OH MY! Let me tell you how to fix your hair it needs help! I’m like you think? I have tried everything.

So this is her fix and I am a true believer and I don’t have a squirrel tail any longer.

WOO HOO! Laughing.


All you have to do is wet your hair, then get the mayonnaise    Mayo       out of the refrigerator and put a few tablespoons in a dish, this will depend on the length of hair and thickness. It took quite a bit for me because I have enough hair for two people and it is long. Anyway, use can use gloves if you like ( I didn’t) rub the mayo into your hair paying special attention to the ends. Don’t be afraid you’re using to much. When you have all of the hair coated well then ball it up and put a shower cap on       Shower cap. I didn’t have a cap the first time so I used a plastic bag from the grocery pulled it tight and twisted the ends and stuck them under in the front to hold it. Set the timer for 30- 45 minutes. When time is up wash hair as usual and I used my regular conditioner as well then I let mine dry natural but feel do it your way. I have natural curly hair so it does better if I don’t blow dry. With just the first treatment I saw an amazing difference. I now do this on a regular bases. Hope it works for you as well.

One other thing my hands were as soft as  a baby’s behind when I was finished …….hummmmm maybe I should try it as a moisturizer too? I’ll let you know about this one.


Many Thanks to my friend Libby.

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