Saving Money at The Grocery

I love to save money, I am a frugal person. I usually have something that I am saving for or just to put into my emergency fund, you do have one right? When my children were growing up I would purchase the largest size of most everything at the grocery store lol My kids could go through some food I tell you. So being an Army family we had to watch our spending. Fast forward many years and now it is just me, but you know what I still generally buy the larger size. Why? You ask. Well first of all the larger size in most cases is a better buy. If you compare the cost per serving larger usually wins. Now I know what you are thinking I can’t eat a 64 oz. box of rice before it goes bad it’s just me! Sure you can. I repackage all my larger sizes into one to two person servings, depending on what it is. This way I can stretch my dollars to the max. WOO HOO

Let’s take the rice as an example. For one serving its one cup of rice this one cup fits perfectly in a pretty little 8oz. jelly jar. Or pancake mix I use a pretty little  4 oz. jelly jar. You can do this with any dry goods. If you like to have leftovers, say for lunch the next day then package for 2 servings. I use my vacuum attachment and vacuum (Read More  Food Saver Machines) the lid on so I have an airtight seal and it will store for a longer time than if left in the box from the store.

For meats it depends on what the cut is. For a roast, whole chicken, ribs or turkey these go straight in the freezer for batch cooking (Read about it here Batch Cooking). Pork chops, chicken breast I repackage in the appropriate size and use the vacuum for long term storage.

Butter (I use real) or if you buy the tub can go straight to the freezer. Sour crème I put dollops on a cookie sheet in the freezer, when frozen I bag in a freezer bag 2 dollops to a bag and again use my vacuum. You can also repackage many other items like large bags of fruit, cut or dice peppers, onions, carrots and celery to the size you use and layer on a cookie sheet then into a bag and then seal. You will be miles ahead when cooking. I even repackage milk into 4 and 8oz rounds for cooking (I do not drink milk but still need it for cooking). I buy the larger size Colby, cheddar and mozzarella and use my salad shooter to shred then onto the cookie sheet to freeze. Placing items on a cookie sheet or pizza pan and freezing keeps them free flowing so you can take out the amount you need from the bag.

This might seem like a lot of extra work but it really isn’t once you get started because you will not run out of everything at once. If you like I watch for what is in season or on sale and bonus if you have coupons then you will reap the rewards of saving money and time.




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