Microchipping Anyone???

Would you allow your children or yourself to be microchipped? I read an article some time ago that employers were surgically implanting these little chips, about the size of a grain of rice into every one of their employees. They said the employee could just swipe his chip to gain access secure areas and had all there data on it. They could also be tracked.

Now in an article on NBC they are reporting we will be microchipping all our children, after all we chip our pets so they can be returned to us safely we they are lost. I see this as just a way for the government to implement yet another way of tracking our every move. Can you envision a cashless society, no need to carry a driver’s license or a debit card because all you have to do is swipe the chip? Not being able to get a job, banking account, social security or a doctor’s appointment if you don’t have this chip implanted. I can hear the powers at be already, it will cut down or eliminate fraud and theft doctors will be able to access all your medical information at any given time. All sounds so good huh…NOT!

Sorry, I do not ever ever intend to have this chip implanted in any part of my body. These will be very hard choices for a lot of people, you basically will be cutting yourself off from virtually everything in life. I pray the Lord returns before we get to this point.

Read the NBC story   https://youtu.be/1YJsxMcAJoA

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